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I'm a writer among other things but mostly I'm here for the community. There isnt much to tell about me so ill see you on the forums if you need anything else PM me.

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An Interview With DrunkGecko

Posted by Maltos - June 18th, 2021

An Interview With DrunkGecko

Maltos - What Brings You To Newgrounds And What Keeps You Here?

DrunkGecko - I first came to Newgrounds on my old account called StaticSkull. I don't remember how I discovered Newgrounds, I loved making cartoons. Unfortunately, I was a 15 year old at the time I joined. And much like most other 15 year olds, I was a troublesome cunt. I got my account locked because I had a habit of stealing art and audio and calling it mine. I came back on this account using a VPN in 2018, and I laid low. On Twitter, HenryEYES and NinjaMuffin99 messaged me because they wanted to interview me for a podcast. When they did that, I didnt really have any interest in coming back, but I accepted and it was one of my best decisions ever. I don't remember much after that, because I was busy dealing with a lot of abuse. But I guess the BBS won me over.


Maltos - Who Are You When You’re Away From Newgrounds?

DrunkGecko - I'd say I'm more quiet around people I don't know. I don't change my humor at all around my family though. I love to purposely say the most disgusting things to everyone I live with, including my mother, because I think it's funny. My only social interaction outside of family is at my job. I don't go anywhere, because I don't like talking to people. I'm probably a lot more nihilistic than I portray here.


Maltos - You Once Stated In A Post That You Once Had A Holographic Charizard What Happened To It?

DrunkGecko - Not much of a story, but I just misplaced it as a kid, because I never took care of anything I had. Same reason that all my video game disks were scratched.


Maltos - You Are Very Active on The BBS Are Their Any Users You Like Or Dislike?

DrunkGecko - I love @JimmyBiscuit @Deity-Donkus @UggoSonno @Wegra @Seth and so much more. I cant keep track, because the BBS is a wonderful community. I'm not gonna state who I dislike, because a lot of drama has happened about it and it's pretty common knowledge anyway.


Maltos - What Do You Think About Newgrounds?

DrunkGecko - I genuinely believe it is the best website ever.


Maltos - What Gets You Through The Day?

DrunkGecko - Music. I have always stood by the fact that making and listening to music is my only reason to live.


Maltos - Who Are Your Idols? Who Inspires You?

DrunkGecko - Jonathan Davis from Korn. I feel if he can get through all that he has been forced to deal with, then so can I. Also, Korn was the band that introduced me to the world of metal music.


Maltos - Who In Your Real Life Would You Say Has Impacted You Most?

DrunkGecko - My adoptive mother, but not in a good way. I won't go into detail, but she adopted me when I 7 and abused me all the way until I was 18. Most people would probably wish that didn't happen, but I learned from it. Besides, I wouldn't be who I am today without going through so much shit.


Maltos _ Would You Ever Want To Be A MOD?

DrunkGecko - Absolutely not. I'm way too much of an asshole.


Maltos - If So What Kind Of MOD Would You Be?

DrunkGecko - An asshole.


Maltos - Who Would You Recommend Be Interviewed Next?

DrunkGecko - uh... @Wegra