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the stop animation was on point here

LMAO i dont know what i just watched but this is my type of humor

This kept me entertained, I've graded this on animation and style and re-watch value. Great story telling

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There seems to be a problem with the control.
It doesnt seem possible to move in the opposite direction the square is going, so there isnt a turn around method of any kind.

jonrekgg responds:

O yea i forgot about that since it was originally supposed to be a snake game. Welp thats my fault thanks for pointing out

Lol This is going right on my favorites

I liked this one
instead of build the bridge so the truck can cross it was destroy the bridge so the truck can not cross
everyone loves to blow shit up

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LOL this was hilarious
thanks for doing my request
I played it for everyone in the room to hear and they all were like WTF as they chuckled so well done

Noves responds:

My pleasure man!

Best dr. claw voice ever!
I laughed so hard when you did the quote at the end it was just to perfect for me to bear
loved it....
the song i would suggest you sing in that voice is what a wonderful world

Noves responds:

What a Wonderful World...just practiced a few bars and it'll be a challenge. I'm gonna try to get it on here within a week though.

And thanks for the suggestion and review!

Loved this one so much I couldn't let it go

KD18 responds:

Thanks, I'm glad that someone enjoys it :D. This one has actually been sitting on my hard drive in an unmixed state for almost a year; so, it's nice to get it out there finally. I've also been experimenting with some drums on this track and may end up releasing a drummed version at some point.

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Wow very unexpected and very well done!

This is Super Epic!

OMG I love it. It captures the essence of what the blue crack bunny is all about

I'm a writer among other things but mostly I'm here for the community. There isnt much to tell about me so ill see you on the forums if you need anything else PM me.

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