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I'm a writer among other things but mostly I'm here for the community. There isnt much to tell about me so ill see you on the forums if you need anything else PM me.

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Posted by Maltos - March 4th, 2021

The return to Newgrounds has come again.


Posted by Maltos - January 18th, 2020

So life is life and change is change right?

But what about our minds? Have they changed?

Is it that our point of view is based only on what we don’t know?

If we knew the things we didn’t know, would anything change?

Posted by Maltos - June 15th, 2015

      This is an interview with Asandir and here I've asked the question who is Asandir? Here I've tried to know the person behind the user.



Lets start with how you found NG when you joined 12/23/10


"Back in 2010, I liked to play Toss The Turtle sometimes. As people who played it know, process with all the upgrades and stuff is quite slow and I always wanted to keep the medals from it so I considered signing up. I didn't have any account whatsoever anywhere beforehand so it was quite the big deal, or rather a novelty for me. It actually took me a while before I posted, I was more or less unaware of the forums at first. Mind you that my english was even worse than it is nowadays so no big loss here. "

What effect has the NG community had on you?


"In a Newgrounds context a rather big one. In one way or another all that I stand for as user origins back to influence and or help by other users. Only gonna summarize it kind of shortly here since I see the other questions on my screen and I don't wanna make you sit through my weird sentences twice. Back when I became active on the forums, Gimmick was one of users that just came back to the site and we pretty much became Newgrounds buddies, often quoting eachother in posts and such. Suprememessage inspired the whole interview thingy, I recently had a good conversation with him that uplifted my spirits. The next one is this funny guy named Jolly, who helped me becoming a part of the Elite Guard Barracks, which spiraled into icon and then portal modship. Another user I consider a friend is NekoMika, always giving me advice and just a wonderful person. Was and still is one of the users that I looked up to and thought "I kinda want to be like this user for Newgrounds". I could name many more but I don't want to make this too sentimental. However, everyone who I interviewed is a person I want to thank, it was an honor to learn more about you as a user and a person. That's the biggest thing and it*s easy to forget this; you actually interact with real people behind the fancy usernames, keep that in mind as both a realisation and also an opportunity."

You've done many great interviews can you tell my readers what inspired you to do interviews?


"Yeah, that's no problem. What basically happened is that back then, there was a thread about interviews with celebrities or something along those lines and the OP asked what the most interesting interview was that we read. Suprememessage replied in a joking manner that the most interesting interview doesn't exist, since he hadn't been interviewed yet. I quoted him and jokingly offered to interview him and he actually liked that idea a lot so we went through with it. I then interviewed some more users and with the huge, huge help of The-Great-One polished them up from a layout and release schedule standpoint. And then, boom 3 years pass and we have over 150 interviews. Time passes quickly sometimes."

Do you have any secrets?



Why did you choose the name Asandir?


"Thinking of a username was the most difficult thing and I think it legitimately delayed my "arrival" by one or two days. I read the The Curse of the Mistwraith book series recently, and two names from there stood out to me. The one I wanted originally, Arithon has the meaning "destiny changer" and more importantly sounds pretty cool in my opinion. However, that one was taken. So original as I am, I just took another name from the series, "Asandir". That one means heart of stone and you see that incorporated in my profile picture. I am still very happy with my username, and a bit proud that I managed to avoid numbers in my username right off the bat."

Do you have any users that you favor or any that you don't care for?


"Well that's a bucket of syrrup right here, isn't it. We all know me for my polarizing opionions, so prepare for this pipebomb in text from:

"I love all of you, some differently but hugs are definitely an option".

To maybe add more to it, anyone who I had good talks with in the forums or over pm and anyone who makes posts that I enjoy, thank you for being awesome. Also shoutout to Exedor and Jolly for being great portal mods. The other mods are cool too, but I have not a lot of insight there. However whoever is moderating the forums, thanks for sacrificing the absence of grey hairs early in your life to make the forums, one of my favourite places, better."

Do you support gay rights?


"Absolutely. It's good see homesexuality getting more and more widely getting accepted, especially from a law standpoint. In Germany it is pretty much the case that homesexual parships get equal benefits as other couples and that is great. I know that in the US the situation is atleast in some states very difficult and I hope that we reach the same standarts there quickly. To me, if you love a man or a woman is not important, aslong as it is genuine and you can be yourself. I know people that had to hide their homosexuality for a long time from their families, and let me just say that I am very proud of you for staying strong."

At 2 hours ago, Maltos wrote:What would you say to a person that says "there is no such thing as reverse racism.

"You are mistaken, dear sir (or lady). I have not a lot of insight on this matter, but you can ensured that somewhere, someone hates you for how you act, look or for any other reason. I don't want to sound too pessimistic but it's not completely possible to take those prejudices out of human nature. I wish everyone who experiences any kind of racism, gets help from other people and or from the law to protect them."


What do you like most about NG?


To me, Newgrounds just seems more alive (incoming "Newgrounds is dead" jokes incoming) than other sites. There are some reasons for that first of all, the admins, like Tom Fulp interact with the community daily. That gives the staff, literally faces. I know that Newgrounds is on a much smaller scope in comparison nowadays but with sites like Reddit or Youtube you don't have this small community, maybe even family feeling. I also find it a lot easier to interact with artists, animators that I like. Likewise the wholeCollabinator aspect just gives an opportunity for great team projects. I love all the original music, animations and games that people make in their free time and I saw and heard stuff that really inspired me on an emotional level. And that is what I love the most, Newgrounds is a place with passion and that's what keeps this great place alive."

Is there one moment in your life you wish you could change?


"That's a tough one. It's not something that I regret even in a retrospective view but back in 2011 my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He told me and my mother that the doctors told him that he had reasonable chances to live for 5 years or more. Little did we know that they told him that he was, well basically beyond saving and that the cancer actually spread though his whole body. We were angry at him for refusing to smoke atleast less, he even got more cigarettes from our neighbours. My father unfortunately passed away in the same year in November. If I knew how ill he truly was I wouldn't have spent so much time trying to convince him to smoke less. It's not something that haunts me too much, I just wish we knew how bad his health was ealier so that we could have tried to make his last months as great as possible. We did that but when you have to give someone up to cancer (I lost my grandmother just 4 years earlier due to breast cancer", you just feel like you didn't do enough. One thing that I realised though is that those very last steps; everyone goes them alone. I am not sure if someone leads you to your next stop but I hope that all the pain that you endured in your last moments here, is lifted from you, so that you can be free and fly."


Are there any MODS or STAFF members you like or dislike?


"Well. I have been on a pretty long hiatus from the forums, so I am not sure but forum mods that I like are ZJ, BackFromPurgatory, Dean, Murray and TurkeyOnStick among others. As far as staff members go, I like them for their work and being transparent. Truth be told I never interacted much with them and I think that they are at most merely aware that I am a user, so I am not gonna say that the are good buddies. I gotta say though that I like that BrenTheMan is super active and interacts with the forum members quite a lot. If you could interview him, that would be awesome to see."

What is your opinion on legalizing marijuana for recreational us?


"While I personally don't do drugs, I endorse legalizing marijuana atleast for medical reasons. That is actualy something that is one of the things that is a big political topic in Germany. Some people are allowed to get it but Germany is very very strict with it so you can count those people on, well not one hand but you get the point. Personally, I am for just legalizing it, feel free to throw big taxes on it like with alcohol and it would be fine I think. I am far, far from an expert but Weed doesn't seem to be much more dangerous than smoking or consuming (too much) alcohol, so from that view I don't see many problems. I doubt that the whole country would end up being, erm, stoned all the time and driving productivity to an all-time low like some want you to believe but who knows?

Has NG had an effect on you in real life? What would you life have been without NG?


I think so, yeah. First of all, my terrible english got better. You won't believe it but I actually got good grades in english in the last years in school. Aside from that, this is a place where I have people and creative content to cheer me up. The users that know me better know that I pretty much lost my whole family in the last years and it just feels good to have this site to find some peace from time to time.

Where do you stand on your political views?


I read the news everyday and I vote but I would never dare to say that I have any clue about politics. Everytime I look into the Politics forums I have no idea what's going on there. For the people in the US, I would vote for the Democrats, for the people from Europe, you can place me on the .... is it called left wing?

Are you currently in a relationship?


"Waifus count, right? Wait, they don't? Well the answer is no then."

Just wrting no seemed kinda not entertaining.


Through out your time here on NG do you feel as if there is a real sense of leadership in the MODS or the STAFF?


"I mean we all know that good old Tom is our goofy but handsome captain of the not sinking ship. For real though, I have only insight for the flash portal moderation and it is an actual team effort atleast from my point of view. Again, thanks to especially Jolly and Exedor. Also, the Elite Guard Barracks are a huge help for us."

I've seen your artwork could you tell my readers what inspired that art?

" I just played around with that 3D art program, with pretty much anything I do, not much thinking was involved in the process. The Chubby white seal is an actual plushie that I have and it looks close to its real counterpart."

You haven't submitted any games since 2012 will there be anymore?


"I don't think so, no."

If you could change anything about NG what would it be?


" Make it all blue. Aside from that, just give us more users. Though maybe we lose some charm of the site then. And, I actually would like the chat back, to be honest."


If you could say one thing to @TomFulp what would it be?


"Thanks for making this awesome site, never leaving it behind, creating awesome games with TheBehemoth and for allowing me to help my Elite Guard Barrack members by getting rid of abusive flashes."

What can we expect from you in the future?


"Well, the interviews have kinda stopped for some time now. I haven't really checked the forums lately, so I don't know if we have new awesome users. The-Great-One recently stopped doing interviews too and I would like to interview more artists in addition to forum users but I can't promise anything. I feel like I should actually start being an actual, active forum member to re-appreciate the forums again. Aside from that the portal mod thing is mostly happening behind the scenes and still going well."


    This has been an interview with Asandir and I hope I've answered that burning question "Who is Asandir"

if you have any more questions for him shoot a PM his way and don't forget to leave a comment

                         thanks for reading.

Posted by Maltos - June 10th, 2015

This is an Interview with Madjasper1 and in this interview I've tried to asnswer the question 'who is Madjasper1" in order to know the person behind the user.


Lets start with how you found NG in 12/24/10 and what about NG made you stay?


I found it when I was looking up a stick figure animation called Shock. Newgrounds was one of the top sites that appeared so I clicked on the link and started watching. I don't fully remember what caused me to sign up, but the reason I stayed was because I liked watching all of those stick figure animations. I eventually found other content and started watching/playing all of those things too.


Has NG or its community had an effect on you through out your time here?


I'd say so. For example, @noogai, @PuffballsUnited and @cobra0528 were the 3 main people who inspired me to start using Flash. The people who reviewed my music affected the way I make my songs and as for the forums, the people I've spoken to there have caused me to think differently about not only myself, but the way I view the internet as a whole.


You use the forums often, could you tell us which is your favorite and why?


The general forum. Hands down. It just allows us to talk about whatever the heck we like which is what I love about it. I usually get my daily fix of thought-provoking questions from the general forum. I do like the video games forum, but since I've distanced myself away from gaming, I don't go on there that often.


Are there any users you like or dislike including staff and MODS?


I don't really dislike anyone. I think some people can be annoying, but that's just the way internet forums are. As for the users I like, a few of them are @Amaranthus, @Ericho, @ChazDude, @CyberDevil and @Bit. I would say @ZeroDown, but he apparently started this "Dislike Cult" on my YouTube Channel, so...until that dies down, we probably won't be friends (although it was pretty funny at the time, I have to admit).


You've made a few windows flash games could you tell us your inspiration for those


Actually there is a lot of inspiration behind those games. The main person being @Archawn who created Windows Doors, which to this day is still my favourite Windows Simulator/Parody. My 'Windows Error' series wasn't meant to go on as long as it has now, but a few people who reviewed the first and second games in those series caused me to think differently and I decided to make the sequels more than just slideshows. So I guess you could say they kinda inspired me too.


You've submitted quite a bit of audio as well as flash is there anything new coming up?


Regarding music, probably not for quite some time. I do have a couple of ideas, but with the software I use it's hard to get it sounding how I want it to. As for Flash, I am working on the final "game" in my 'Windows Error' series which will be parodying Windows 8. I'm also remaking my old Black Circle Dude animation from 2011 because I wanted to turn it into a series, but there was no way I could continue from where I left off on the first episode. I do have other things I want to make too, mainly tribute animations to some of my favourite content creators, but at the moment my main focuses are Windows 8 Errors and B.C.D 1 Remake.


I read a story of yours about a girl who crushed on you and would pull you into the forest and random areas to kiss you but it seemed like you were put off by her could we get the full story?


Oh boy, that was years ago. Well I won't reveal the girl's name, but we were seated next to each other in Maths class and she said that she fancied me, I was only about 12 at the time and I was confused about love and all of that, but she convinced me to go out with her. By that she meant drag me around certain parts of the school with her friends while I just...kinda didn't do much. On one particular day she told me to meet up with her after school. When we saw each other she dragged me to a forest-y area just outside the school with one of her friends and asked me to kiss her. We did (there was no tongue involved for those who are wondering). It didn't really leave me thinking that I truly loved her or anything, and when she asked me to do it again I accidentally coughed down her throat. The next day I didn't see her until about lunchtime and she revealed that she was actually going out with someone else. I wasn't really bothered as I didn't really like her that much anyway. Surprisingly enough, about a year or two later, we became friends. But now that both of us have left for further education, we haven't spoken since.


What does Madjasper1 mean?


Well I'm mad, my first name is Jasper, and...I needed something else to put on the end of my username, and the first keyboard character I saw was a 1, so...that's what I put on the end. To be honest I kinda hate the name and I might end up changing it to TheMadWasp as it's now my YouTube name.


These days race seems to be a topic of discussion, so on this touchy subject please tell us what your views on people that discriminate against another person for their race.


I wasn't aware that racial discrimination was a popular topic. But yeah, if you hate someone purely based on their race, you're kinda a jerk. So...please don't do that. In fact don't be racist at all. I don't mind seeing the occasional racial stereotype in films or in a joke, but if you're insulting someone or you hate someone purely based on their race, I will call you a moron because that is exactly what you are.


You've gotten one tankman for your birthday, do you want the NG store to re-open?


It would be kinda cool. I doubt I’d be able to purchase anything because I spend all of my money elsewhere, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it return. I may even save up for a shirt or two.


I see that you have a problem with homophobia and you have strong feelings on the topic would you please tell my readers your opinion on gay rights?


Well I’m bisexual myself, and some of the people I’m related to are homosexual, so it’d be kinda dumb if I didn’t support gay rights. To be honest though, even if I was straight I’d support gay rights, there isn’t anything wrong with being gay as far as I can tell, and it’s (mostly) in the privacy of that person’s house. So I don’t think I’ll ever stop supporting gay rights (However, I don’t enjoy priding.)


If ever you were a MOD what kind would you be?


I wouldn’t choose to be a mod, but if I was forced to be one I’d probably be either the laziest mod in existence, or a mod that would abuse their power. I really like abusing my power. Ha ha.


If you could change something about NG what would it be?


Hmm...I guess I’d allow users to use emoticons in things like reviews and blog replies. That would be pretty neat. I can’t really think of anything else.


I've also noticed that you were about to tell a secret fetish but it was all erased I think everyone would be interested in hearing about what that might be.


Oh god I remember that. Well here’s the thing, if I really wanted to put my fetish out there, I would have told everyone by now. But when I thought about it, I was glad my phone screwed up and didn’t post what my fetish was. For those who are really curious, it’s not anything gross like scat or anything like that, but it’s something that people would find rather weird, I should also point out that my fetish is actually quite varied. But until I’m fully comfortable with revealing what it is, I’m going to leave you people guessing. Sorry.


Where do you stand with your political views?


I don’t really like talking about politics, and I haven’t really dived too far into the political scene. What I can say that is that I hate the Tories, I hate UKIP, but Obama seems like a decent US president (I wouldn’t know for sure though).


 You're a big gamer tell us what your chosen console is and a few of your favorite games.


I’m not as big as a gamer as I used to be since I got back into Yu-Gi-Oh! But a few of my favourite games include ‘Game Dev Tycoon’, the ‘Gran Turismo’ series, ‘Dino Crisis 2’, ‘140’, ‘Hearthstone’, ‘Super Smash Bros. Brawl’, ‘The Sims’ series, ‘Medal of Honor: Allied Assault’ and ‘Saints Row 2’. I could go on, but those are the most memorable games to me. As for my favourite console, I’m more of a PC gamer, but I do like the Xbox 360, mainly because that’s the one I’ve played the most. I have played on a PS3, but I don’t have as many games for it, so can’t make a proper judgement yet. The PlayStation 2 however is probably my favourite console as it’s the one that I associate with my childhood the most.


You live in the UK tell my american readers about European culture.


Well in the UK we do tend to drink a lot of tea and eat a lot of biscuits, but it’s nothing extreme like the stereotype is. I rarely drink tea anyway. And while we’re on the subject of stereotypes, we DO actually brush our teeth. The only reason a lot of British people have bad teeth is because they smoke themselves to death. I don’t smoke though, so...I guess my teeth are probably the cleanest. Ha ha. I can’t really say a whole lot other than that because I don’t really do many cultural things. Football is somewhat still popular, but I don’t keep up with it as I hate it.


What can we expect from you in the future?


More videos on my YouTube Channel, but as for Newgrounds I should be able to release Windows 8 Errors in about 2 months time. Or B.C.D 1 Remake, whichever I finish first. Until then I’m just going to keep active on the forums and embarrass myself more than I already have done.


If you could say something to @TomFulp what would it be?


If I just saw TomFulp out of the blue at a convention or something, I’d probably go all fanboy-ish and start screaming “OHMYGODITSTOMFULPOHMYGAWDOHMYGAWDHOWAREYOUTOM!?”, but if I was able to control myself, I’d shake his hand and say “This is a huge honour to finally meet you in person, thank you for making Newgrounds”. Or something along those lines.



This has been an interview with Madjasper1 I hope we have answered that burning question but if you have any more questions for him send him a PM or if you enjoyed this interview send him a friend request.

Posted by Maltos - June 1st, 2015

      Here Is My Interview With ZeroDown In This Interview I've Asked The Question Who Is ZeroDown And I Hope I've Answered That Question.



Let's start with when you joined 8/4/14, how did you find NG?

ZeroDown- I actually joined about a year before that on the account Pogobro, which I abandoned. I abandoned it so I could keep what I was doing back then separate from what I'm doing now, and because if I were to do some dark and serious project I doubt it would be taken seriously if the name 'Pogobro' was attached to it.


Your favorite thing about NG?

That's hard to say. I've been here for a while doing a lot of different things. I guess I quite enjoy the forums, they're a great place to chat with other users and I've met a lot of great people there, like @HomicidalDragon, who is a very close internet friend of mine to this day.


I see that you are a gamer and that you have a lot of xbox 360 games and only a few ps3 games so which system do you like better?

I guess I prefer my PS3, and I usually prefer Playstation out of all my consoles. The problem is I have a lot more Xbox games than PS3. The reason for that is I got my Xbox for Christmas when I was 10 as a gift for me and my older brother. I got my PS3 last year with the money I got from my job.


Where do you stand in your political views?

I'm not usually one to talk about politics. When I do, it's usually about major offices like the president. Since I turned 18 I haven't actually had a chance to vote. What I do care about is usually me supporting gay marriage.


If you were a forum MOD what kind of mod would you be?

Being a mod of any kind would be great. I guess I use the general forums more than anything, so that would be the best for me. I'd also have the advantage of more users posting in General than any of the other forums, more of my close friends posting there and a few other reasons.


Are you still with your girlfriend? If so could you tell us about her?

I've had a few girlfriends in the past, but I'm currently single. My last girlfriend moved away and we kinda just drifted apart. When the time came, she started dating another man, and she asked me how I felt about that. I just told her it was fine. Neither of us really wanted to break up, and I wouldn't blame it on either of us. I'd go on, but there are certain things I'd rather not share about our relationship, because I'm still a little sad about it.


I've seen your 3 art subs do you plan on making more?

That's hard to say. I made the others in paint on my laptop, which makes it hard to draw anything above sub-par level, so I know I'm done with that. I don't think I'm done with art entirely though. If I can afford a decent drawing tablet someday, I think I might. Drawing brings me back to my childhood, where I was inspired by the Anime like DBZ I would binge all day on.


What is your opinion on gay rights?

I'm actually bisexual, so I usually don't put myself in certain groups/social circles that don't support the LGBT community. I've never actually dated another man, I actually prefer women, but I do have a few 'man crushes'. I don't think there's still much to debate. I don't think that gays should be placed below anyone or given special treatment. Gays are people just like anyone else.


You hate mainstream things so could you tell us what about mainstream you dislike?

I enjoy some mainstream things like Final Fantasy and Eminem, but I have the obscure ones too. My main hatred are the ones that teens like, One Direction and stuff. I guess it's not that I hate mainstream stuff as much as I hate people that obsess over mainstream stuff that I don't particularly enjoy. If you're a fan of something I don't like, as long as you're not shoving it in my face, it's fine by me.


Have you ever done anything you are ashamed of?

Of course. That was a big reason why I stopped using my old account, because I made some crappy flash games I wasn't real proud of, and I removed them. I didn't feel as if those projects inspired me- I made them for the sake of making them instead of actually making them because I wanted to. I forced myself into a state of enjoyment for the sake of recognition, almost.


Please tell my readers what you think of the forums.

I love them. I recently hit 1,000 forum posts, and that alone should show my love for them. I love the general forums the best, I like using the help forums to help out new users who don't know what they're doing. I used to post in the video game forums a lot, but now it's just from time to time to reply to a topic. Like I said before, I'm not real big on politics, so I rarely ever post there.


Is there anyone on the forums you like or dislike?

Not particularly, other than spammers and such. I don't really hate anyone, but I value some people there over others. If someone does bother me I just block them and move on. I guess I just like everyone, just a few rotten apples that I don't like to associate with. I used to have issues with @Magical-Zorse, but I've come to realize he's not that bad.


Tell my readers what it is that really drives you to be who you are.

Seeing other projects really inspires me. I'm currently working on a few soon to be released projects, which my inspiration from other users guided me to. @LazyMuffin and @Brewster both inspire me. Their work always enamors me when I see it, and a lot of other work I stumble upon gives me the inspiration I need.


Do you have any secrets you would like to tell?

I'm sure if I had any secret worth telling, I'd tell it on my own page. I would never tell a secret that belongs to them, if I was told not to tell anyone, and if I do have a secret I'm hiding from people on this site, it doesn't immediately jump to mind. I'm not really much of a secret loving person, I guess.


Has NG or its community had any effect on you since you've been here?

Sure. @Jonbro (now known as Jonochrome) inspired me to join NG in the first place. Since he did that, I've branched out from constantly talking to or about him, so NG has changed me quite a bit. (Out of characters)


What is your opinion about the forum mods?

Most of them are fine. @NekoMika was my favorite mod. She isn't modding anymore, and she only comes on once a day or so. I like @BrenTheMan too, he manages the NG servers. Other than that I don't really know any of them, so I can't really say much about them.


What's the one thing you would like to say to @TomFulp?

That depends. I've already chatted with Tom here on the site, and once at Comic-con in 2014 I met him. But if I could meet him in a private setting and I could only say one thing to him, I guess I would thank him for making Newgrounds, it's really changed me since I joined over two years ago.



This Has Been An Interview With ZeroDown I Hope We Have Answered That Question And If You Have More Questions For ZeroDown Then Feel Free To Send A PM.

Posted by Maltos - June 1st, 2015

Here we go round and round to the NG interviews, now I know I've been gone for awhile but Maltos has returned and oh yes there will be interviews. They will continue to pry through those personal questions to understand the person behind the username. I will begin the interviews as soon as possible, I have a few people in mind already but if you have an NGer you would like to know more about then suggest that I interview said Nger. Yes thats right open calls if you will for interviews with Maltos has returned but things will be different this time. It's the same ball game just with a few new tricks and alot more entertainment so prepare yourself for a week by week interview with a new user. Get to know your fellow NGers as well as the staff that help run this place simply by reading the interviews.


                  Interviews with Maltos 

                                 Enjoy!....I know I will

Posted by Maltos - February 25th, 2015

This post is moving away from the interviews today to tell you about a great person that is no longer with us. He was a one of a kind and it was an honor to know him and to work with him. He was 82 years old when he died just last week and I never thought he would. . .no one did. He was a strong man who was dedicated to his work so much so that in the whole amount of over 60 years he only took 3 sick days. He was my Boss but he was also my uncle and friend. I miss him and life will never be the same without him nor will we forget what he has done for this community. He created his own vocation and the store he built has helped farmers across the contrie and even over seas with every bit of their farming needs. He cared about people and he was one of the best people I have ever met, even though he was a man of few words you could always tell what he stood for. When it came to government he never hezitated for a moment to tell what his opinions of our government were. He never spoke much but when he did I always listened and I learned as much from him as I could and I wish he were still here. We carry on everything he stood for and what he created every day in his memory. Every day I go to work now I am happy to be there and to reprezent the man that I knew and to try to dedicate myself to what I believe just as much as he did and to what is right and to be good to others. L,J Hand will forever be in my thoughts and I will not let him down. 

      I don't think I've ever respected anyone as much as I respected him and that is saying something. There were so many people who came to his funeral and it was so hard to see the people that had known him for so long as they mored his passing. It was also hard to watch my mother-inlaw, the one who was closest to him, she stood strong to speak to everyone who came. She now runs the store and I know she will  make L,J proud and I too hope to do the same. Lynwood will remain as one of my greatest inspirations it was and pleasure and an honor to know him.


            R.I.P Uncle Lynwood

Posted by Maltos - December 31st, 2014

This is an interview with the one and only Tom Fulp and I chose a different approach with this one but I hope a few floating questions have been ansered. Not to mention who doesn't want to hear from Tom?


First I'd like to ask what NG means to you and what you would for NG's future.


NG is several things to me but they all tie together. As a creator, NG gives me a place to share my work with a cool community that creates lots of opportunities. As a passive viewer, NG gives me something exciting and unpredictable to check up on every day. I compare it a lot to going to the arcade when I was a kid; you always had that excitement of wondering what new amazing game would be there.

For NG's future, I just want to see it thrive and want to continue seeing it inspire people. I want movies, games, music and art to exist because people wanted to participate in the party happening on NG.


When the NG store was announced to be closed on Feb. 27th, users bought their NG gear like crazy. My question to you is how NG has changed for you and your staff without the NGstore and what sort of NG (swag) we can expect to buy in the future if any.


The closing of the store is a bummer in terms of people not having cool NG gear, but it's a huge relief in terms of our current staff size and the amount of distraction it caused. The store was never a very profitable aspect of NG and required daily packaging, customer service and trips to the post office. We kept profit margins low and frequently lost money when international packages were lost and needed to be re-shipped (postage alone could be well over $20, not to mention sending out a second set of all the goods purchased). Other times people would buy stuff with stolen / parents' credit cards and the payment was cancelled after we had shipped the items. Keeping it US only probably would have made a big difference.

In the future I plan to work with a third party to offer NG shirts. Haven't been rushing to do it but will eventually.


There are a few changes around NG lately could you tell NG what you're most excited about?


I'm anxious and excited to get our layout adapted to mobile. There are lots of cool features on the way but mobile is definitely the wall we need to break down once and for all, it was a 2014 goal that became a 2015 goal.


Looking toward the future when you are an (old man and no longer hip with the kids) who will run NG?


That's completely up in the air at the moment. My kids are always a possibility but it could also be some rising stars from the community when the time comes.


You once had an idea for a Wii game called Monster Jerk could you tell us how that's going?

It's not going at all! It was a joke concept although I would love to revisit it with Occulus and Leap Motion tech some day.


A personal question, are you and April planning on any more children?


We always intended to stop at two and I got surgery this year so it's pretty final.


What would be your ideal set up for a writing portal?


I actually had full mockups for the 2007 site design but all that has been tossed out the window. The writing Portal would need to be more on the level of Medium in terms of how people can present their stories. I'm still excited to have it but NG got spread really thin in recent years and it continues to wait on the backburner.


Are there users that you enjoy or that inspire you?


Deathink always puts me in a better move, his work feels like a celebration of NG. In recent years people have become obsessed with their Youtube, Facebook and Twitter presence. People who are excited about their NG presence are the ones that make me get out of bed in the morning and I want to pay it back to them with results.


The voice acting forum was a big hit with the NG community does this give promise to lure new artists?


I hope so! I like following voice actors because they introduce me to a variety of different projects and I know the quality will be there because they work with good people. Having a strong VA community on NG means better movies and games as well.


Was there ever a time when you thought NG might no longer be?


Things have gotten dark at times but I know NG can never actually shut down. NG is the most permanent thing on the Internet.


Apart from the jogging what does Tom Fulp do in his free time?


I finally started getting to the gym for the first time since having kids so I'm trying to look like my profile picture. If I'm not exercising, I'm spending time with family, playing video games with the kids.


You've been on TV a few times was there ever anything you wanted to say but could not?


Nothing comes to mind. I was always nervous about not knowning what to say, vs having too much to say.


A lot of users want to know about the NG chat so could you tell them if and when it will return and what sort of features it will have?


NG chat will return and it will be awesome. It will be mobile friendly, there will be individual rooms and you'll be able to see when people on your friends list are actively in chat. Ultimately we want you to be able to listen to music and watch content together, too.


What can we expect from you in the future?


I've been working on a console game with JohnnyUtah and Spazkid, so get ready for that!



This has been an interview with Tom Fulp I hope I asked all the right questions if there is something I missed then feel free to PM Tom yourself. (:

Posted by Maltos - March 7th, 2014

This is an interview with The Great One. Here you will learn a bit about the pereson behind the user. After this interview I saw The Great One in a way I hadn't before, sure we know he's a nice guy as well as an acomplished interviewer. The Great One is a gifted writer that Newgrounds is lucky to have. This interview trys to ask the question (Who is The-Great-One?) of course, you can still make your own opinion about The Great One.


Maltos- So Great One lets get right down to it, You are the interviewer but I've seen that you will be no longer be actively interviewing could you tell us what other projects you plan on working on? As well as if the interviewer will return?



The Interviewer will be ending at the 200th interview. When I say it will be coming to an end I mean in terms of weekly updates it will be coming to an end. However there will still be special cases when a new interview will appear. The Interviewer won't be going away it will just be slowing down more.

I am currently doing special interviews on another account called Dohn which is named after me. These interviews include talking to basic members of Newgrounds and not really about their creative works here on Newgrounds. They're a bit more in-depth than The Interviewer is. I am also hoping to share my creative writing here on Newgrounds and in the Writing Forum. However The Interviewer has taken a lot of my time from that. My only break is just writing on the forums.


Maltos- We'll all be sad to see the interviewer end but will look forward to Dohn and I wish you luck with your writing. This next question is of human nature, what is your opinion on homosexuality and that of those who say it is a choice?


The-Great-One- My opinion is that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, it is natural. We have observed animals with homosexual tendencies. We know that it is natural and not a choice. Even if it was a choice, there is nothing wrong with another person's sexual preference. Plain and simple.


Maltos- I believe that to be true, Just one more of those heavy questions. I'd like to ask you about the death penalty, do you think it's right or moral for our government to take the life of even the worst of inmates?



I don't mind heavy questions at all, I think it's important we ask them more often. As for the death penalty I will say that I once supported it. What goes around comes around. However as I have gotten older I realized that our tax dollars are put forth towards punishments that we should have abolished. Lethal injection is not as peaceful as it sounds and my home state of South Carolina has performed many lethal injections incorrectly. We have also been putting innocent people on death row. It would be better if we don't have death row and simply have prison.

My uncle was in prison and it does change you. People who go to prison do not come out the same as they went in. It changes them. I don't believe it is ever right to kill another human being unless in self-defense.


Maltos- I think we can all agree on that. I'd like to move on to your personal life, Have you ever been in love?


The-Great-One- I was infatuated at one point, but it wasn't love. I had a girlfriend in high school, we went to different high schools. We weren't really clicking and my bisexuality was making wonder what I wanted and keeping that bottled up for so long was damaging to my psyche to say the least. I had a crush on my best friend for quite a long time and I thought he might be gay or bisexual as well, turns out he's straight, which is all cool. I have never been in love though. To be in love means to love someone more than yourself and I haven't had that feeling.


Maltos- I respect you for being true to yourself and I hope you find that person who loves you more then they love themselves. When you were young and you thought about what your life would be like, my question is are you happy and what do you want out of life?


The-Great-One- Am I happy? Not entirely. Could I have done different things to make my life better? Absolutely. The only thing I have to hold onto is my writing. Like all writers I want the world to read my written word. To validate it, to criticize it, to enjoy it, and even to hate it. All this makes me stronger. What I want out of life though. I love writing and I love video games. If I could find a way to meld these two together and support myself on this form of writing then I could be happy for a little while. As of right now though, I'm not happy. Thankfully though, there is Newgrounds.


Maltos- I'm sorry to hear that but you are indeed a talented writer through that I believe the world will read your words. One last personal question and this one is on a different note. What is a guilty pleasure of yours?


The-Great-One- I have quite a few actually. Guilty pleasure movie The Secret of N.I.M.H 2: Timmy to the Rescue. Guilty pleasure game Superman 64. Guilty pleasures in real life, would be rolling around in my friend's beds like a cat when they're not around to see, then I make the bed perfectly like I was never even there.


Maltos- That's funny, lets hope they don't walk in some day. Lets move on to NG, are there any users you like or dislike?



There are plenty of users I like. SCTE3 and ZJ are my best friends on this site. MaestroRage gave me a good bit of advice when I joined as well as helped me out. ZekeySpaceyLizard kicked my ass and put my teenager self in place and I thank both of them for it. Tom is also and amazing individual. Asandir, Bosa, and tigerkitty have both been incredibly kind to me and I hate that I don't talk to them more often. Dean and Benjamin Tibbetts are also close friends who I talk to a lot. Amaranthus and Ragnarokia are also two others I like.

As for users I dislike. I tend to dislike them, but they soon disappear off of Newgrounds. Insanctuary and Sekhem are two users who tend to baffle me though. I'm not sure what they're playing it or what they're even trying to say half the time.


Maltos- I'm sure those users will enjoy reading your opinion of them. ( lol ) I've got a few more questions for you. Does it feel strange to be the who's being interviewed seeing as you are usually the interviewer instead of the interviewee.


The-Geat-One- By all means ask as many questions as you wish and whatever questions you wish to ask. Yeah it still feels weird to be interviewed. I've been interviewed three different times already and it still feels weird. Different styles with each interviewer and different questions.


Maltos- Well I guess everyone has different points to make. If there were a writing portal on NG what would we see from you?


The-Great-One- Tom and I have been talking about the writing portal for a good while now. We've even talked about moving all the interviews over to it and simply changing the dates to match when they were originally posted, even though it would be before the writing portal's inception. I guess with a writing portal in place I would have more protection over my creative works in terms of copyright. As of right now though I want more attention brought to the writing forum. The new blog system offers wonderful possibilities for the writers here on Newgrounds, but sadly we still get the shaft. Nothing new there.


Maltos- That sounds like a great set up for a writing portal. Is there a novel or short story you are currently working on?


The-Great-One- I've been working on a book to tell the world why Chrono Trigger is one of the best games of all time and the best RPG of all time. I've also been working on a philosophical book. As for novel, I have ideas and I start writing and then it just starts to become long-winded so I scrap it and start again. I have finished one novella and even then I'm still not happy with it.


Maltos- This is will be the final question. What is the one thing in your life that has impacted you the most and turned you into the person you are today?


The-Great-One- I guess it would have to be Newgrounds. It changed me as a person. It made a better human being. It gave me all these wonderful animators, musicians, artists, game designers, writers, and people. It gave me the chance to do The Interviewer and to meet and talk to all these wonderful creative minds and share their stories with the world. I have gotten to meet people from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, and different parts of the United States as well. It truly has made me who I am today.


Maltos- Thank you Great One, we will look forward to you and your talents on ng for a long time to come


The-Great-One- Thank you. I would like to say at least one thing to the animators and game designers if Newgrounds if I may. That is start acting like producers. We have so many talented artists, voice actors, musicians, and writers here on Newgrounds. You don't have to do your project alone and there are others here who can truly make your vision shine if you give them a chance.


This has been an interview with The-Great-One. I hope you now know The-Great-One a bit more then before and if there is anything you wish to know about The-Great-One feel free to PM him.

Posted by Maltos - February 26th, 2014

This is an interview with Thor. I'v tried to asnwer the question (Who Is Thor?) I've asked questions about Thor the person not just Thor the NG user. I hope this interview asks all the right questions and that we have answered that question. Of course you can still make your own opinion about Thor. 


Maltos- So lets start by why you chose the name Thor.


Thor- Well at first my username was RoadWarrior, after this badass post-apocalyptic movie with Mel Gibson. But it started to feel a little cheesy and I wanted something more memorable. I've always liked vikings and their culture, mythology and religion, as well as being an avid comic fan, so I chose Thor as a marriage between the two.


Maltos- I think Thor was a good choice, Tell me, What brought you to NG?


Thor- I actually first came here when I was very young, my nephew, who is two years older than me, showed me Bloody Rage. I was hooked. I actually have an account from 2005, Jawa2432. Bear in mind I was very young when I used to post on that account.


Maltos- Always good to meet a long time user, I've seen your sculptures could you tell us other than mythology how do you feel while creating a new piece?


Thor- I've never been good at drawing, but I've always been excellent at working with my hands, so pottery was a perfect fit for me. I try to evoke a kind of primitive or tribal feeling when I sculpt.. Pottery is an ancient art, after all.


Maltos- You are indeed talented. Lets move on to the forums, is there one you would choose over the other and why?


Thor- I really don't go on anything other than General. I think I've posted ONCE in politics, and a handful of times in Video Games. So yeah, General. It's the most active, anyway.


Maltos- So who would you say are your favorite ng users and who are your most disliked ng users?


Thor- I don't really dislike anyone per se... But I like everyone who puts actual thought into their posts. Scarface, Dean, and Xenomit come to mind in that regard. I also like folks that are just plain funny or enjoyable, like Addict, Amaranthus, and even Wriggle... You're pretty cool yourself, in fact. I love the entire Newgrounds community.


Maltos- Thanks. I think a lot of users here enjoy your presents, I'd like to ask a personal question. . . Tell us a short bit about your life such as who you were 5 years ago to now.


Thor- Five years ago? Let's see... I was 12. I think that was around the time I was posting on that account I linked to earlier. The reviews I have on there make me cringe... From then till about my sophomore year I was very depressed all the time and had no friends and my life was very uneventful. But my sophomore year, when I was 15 is when I started having friends and people who liked me for who I was. I also starting smoking weed, then, which has actually helped a lot with my mental state. From then until now I've been in a constant state of growth. I always try to be the best person I can be, to make life as enjoyable for others as it now is for me, and to make my gods and ancestors proud.


Maltos- Fantastic! That's a great value to live by, Have you ever had a love interest or heart break?


Thor- I actually have a girlfriend, we've been together for a little over a year. Here's a photo of us together I post all the time cos I love it.


Maltos- She's a pretty girl best of luck to you, This will be the last personal question. As of now what do you want out of life and where do you see yourself in the future?


Thor- I honestly have no idea. I'm nearing the end of my senior year and I still have no earthly idea of what lies ahead of me. What I would like to do more than anything would be to live a simple, peaceful life as a subsistence farmer. Sadly such a dream is unrealistic these days.


Maltos- Not to worry you're still young and there is plenty of time to figure out life and so for my last question. I've see your favorite music, games and art but what can we expect from you in the future?


Thor- Expect it to go only downhill from here


This has been an interview with the one and only Thor. I am very happy with this and I hope this has answered the question of (Who Is Thor?)