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An Interview With WendingoVDB

Posted by Maltos - September 9th, 2021

This is an interview with @WendingoVDB

Maltos - Lets start in 6/26/2021 when you joined. How did you find Newgrounds and what keeps you here 2.1K posts later?

(Here Is Your First Post Ever )


WendingoVDB - Well, this is something I answered before on an AMA: I discovered Newgrounds by watching Oneyplays and listening to Sleepycabin skits... And I kept seeing more and more artists I liked on this site, so I thought it'd be a good idea to join. The reason why I'm still here is because I just really like the sense of routine the site gives me.


Maltos - You've submitted 89 Pieces of art here is the latest (Below) What inspires or motivates your art?


WendingoVDB - I'm gonna be real with you. My only motivation are the numbers, man. They're the only way of me knowing someone out there is into the stuff I make. When I'm drawing I try to make something for me to enjoy, but if I'm posting it on NG I gotta make sure my followers can enjoy it too.


Maltos - You've recently interviewed @cupheadswife what made you want to interview cupheadswife? will you be doing more interviews? https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/wendigovdb/the-cesspit-ep-1-wife-time

(The Cesspit )

WendingoVDB - I didn't choose to interview her. As stated in my casting post, the guest selection is completely random. Either way, it was either her or @Plsblossom. And... Yeah, I'm gonna be making many more episodes of The Cesspit in the future (with luck). Episode 2 Casting might still show up in the BBS this week.


Maltos - These are your stats, How do they make you feel?

Level: 9

Exp Points: 772/900

Exp Rank: 72,501

Vote Power: 5.11 votes

Rank: Civilian

Global Rank: 395,881

Blams: 0

Saves: 1

B/P Bonus: 0%

WendingoVDB -They make me feel absolutely nothing, I don't know what the fuck they mean.


Maltos - You are a regular on the BBS are there any users you like or dislike?

WendingoVDB - Well, Wife, @SleepyAss54 @Cyronix @PudgieDaFrog @Chdonga @DrunkGecko @UggoSonno @Wegra @Levi0nL1ne @Purbell... I consider these people friends (included but not limited to, there's many other people I could list here). As for the rest of the BBS, I can't really say I dislike people. Like in real life, even if someone hates my guts, I try to stay peaceful with them by any means. If I was ever mean to anyone, sorry if you had to see my lowest, weakest side. There isn't anyone on Newgrounds I hate, there's just people that I try to stay neutral with.


Maltos - How do you feel about the forum MODs?

WendingoVDB - Boy, have I heard about the forum mods... People that have been here on NG longer than I might have some really nasty things to say about the mods, but I don't think I do? I've had a little problem some days ago and @Turkeyonastick and @Fro were pretty helpful towards me. I'll say I'm 50/50 towards the staff.


Maltos - Who are you when you're away from Newgrounds?

WendingoVDB - Your most average Joe.

I'm pretty social in school and I can grow a group of friends with ease, which is why I'm waiting for school to start again. But do I get picked on? I do, I do. Can I also "dismiss" my friends by forcing them into the stuff I like? I can and I have.

For all those anti-socials reading this: Social interaction is like an egg race: It looks really hard and it is really hard until you realise you can just grab that stupid egg and carry it in your hand to the finish line.


Maltos - If you could say one thing to @TomFulp what would it be?

WendingoVDB - "cock joke"


Maltos - Who would you like to see interviewed next?

WendingoVDB - Maltos. BBS usuals seems to really like him, and I bet they all wanna know about the mind of The Crack Rabbit himself.


This has been an interview with WendingoVDB

Until Next Time



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